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Watermelon Zkittlez

Scrumptious watermelon aroma and taste that creates a swift euphoric rush of mood and spirits. Voted #1 licensed cartridge by Cannabis Cup judges.

Blue Dream

A cool taste of natural herbs with a blueberry influence that creates a warm, relaxing, and slightly euphoric effect that people love.

Bubblegum Kush

A bubbly blast of flavor and aroma that is notorious for taking people to the couch and keeping them there. Best enjoyed in the evening to relax.


A wonderful mix of chocolate, coffee, pine, and sweetness that creates a warm and cerebral effect. This vape is it for pain relief and a positive vibe.

Cookie Cereal

Feel sociable & talkative after a dessert-for-breakfast treat. Currently under reformulation to address those that preferred a less chocolate-y taste.


Zweet Fruit and Berry Goodness that creates a happy and relaxzzzing effect to get through a stressful day. You'll forget it's not candy.

Tahoe OG

A Woody-Lemony Spice. Like tahoe mountain fresh. It's a chill vape. One patient said "it lowers my pain and chills my brain."

Skywalker OG

A dank herbal scent that packs a punch and creates a super chill and happy effect. Fast onset puts the body into an utterly relaxed state.

Sour Tangie

Bringing together a sour diesel aroma with strong citrus overtones to create a creative and elevating buzz. Sour Tangie keeps you lifted.


An adult berry flavor that is highly regarded and dominantly fruity. Blackberry creates an elevating effect of mood, mind, and body.

Sour Diesel

An earthy diesel-like aroma hits true to the notorious sour diesel strain and creates an energizing and dreamy cerebral effect.


Imagine berry and citrus mixed with flower grown in the woods - as a gelato dessert flavor. This strain creates a focused but creative effect.